Welcome to the team: Brittany

Brittany Morris, one of MAP’s newest team members, looks forward to “happiness, helping others, and [driving] a network of people to positive end results”. Morris will serve as MAP’s Apprenticeship State Expansion Specialist, and will work in business engagement to promote registered apprenticeships across the state of Mississippi.

“My role in the apprenticeship program will consist of being an intermediary,” Morris says, “[connecting] employers with interested apprentices who are looking to acquire diverse skills and to meet their career goals.” 

Morris’ previous work experience includes working alongside legal teams within the Division of Medicaid as a compliance specialist. In this position, Morris prepared corrective action plans, sanctions, and liquidated damages for the agency and its external contractors. 

Morris also has experience in Procurement as a compliance analyst, and drafted requests for applications and proposals (RFAs and RFPs) in an effort to acquire grant funding for Mississippi school districts. Morris also has administrative experience in gathering evaluation teams, analyzing proposals, and presenting essential grant documents to the board for review and approval. 

Her rich and varied work experiences show that she has the skills necessary for furthering apprenticeship expansion, outreach, and promotion.  

“Apprenticeship expansion,” Morris says, “consists of making sure all people of diverse backgrounds have an opportunity to learn new skills and meet their career goals. It is important to have [apprenticeship programs] set up across the state in order to reach a wider audience.”

When asked what motivates her about her job, Morris had this to say:

“I’m motivated by what I care about, which is a healthy work culture, being valued as an employee, and being able to use creative ideas to solve problems or implement new strategies.” 

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