Welcome to the team: Chris

One of MAP’s newest Apprenticeship State Expansion Specialists, Chris Seay, says she’s excited about her new position. 

“My role,” Seay says “is to increase the number of employers and people participating in Registered Apprenticeship Programs.” 

Seay says there is a “high need” in Mississippi for a more skilled workforce and is determined to help make Mississippi “a leader in having a highly-skilled workforce.” Mississippi has suffered significant losses in employment due to the COVID-19 pandemic, however, programs like MAP and specialists like Seay, can help the state recover from those setbacks by helping employees gain critical experience and training.

“Employers right now are desperate to fill positions and people who lost their jobs during the pandemic are desperate to get back to work,” Seay says. “There is a skill gap that needs to be closed, but [apprenticeship programs] can help achieve that.”

Seay’s previous work experience exemplifies her abilities for organization, management, and outreach. Seay was a former manager for five WIN Job Centers across the state, including centers located in: Amory, Attala, Louisville, Mayhew and West Point. She was responsible for assuring the day-to-day operations of those centers and supervised a team of twelve. She also conducted employer outreach and enrolled participants in Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) funded programs and Adult and Dislocated Title I and Wagner-Peyser services. Seay also has experience in retail, human resources, and sales. 

When asked what motivates her about her new position, Seay had this to say: 

“I want to help people fulfill their dreams regardless of if they are just out of college or if they just want a career change. I’m really looking forward to building relationships with businesses, communities, and apprentices across the state. I also want to see Mississippi become an even greater state than it already is!”  

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