The Mississippi Apprenticeship Program (MAP) collaborates closely with a diverse array of sponsors, ranging from local businesses to industry leaders, fostering a dynamic network committed to offering exceptional apprenticeship experiences. Through this partnership, MAP not only opens doors to enriching career prospects for individuals, but also empowers businesses to efficiently onboard, train, and retain a skilled workforce. To explore the various sponsorship opportunities and learn more about our dedicated partners, feel free to reach out to the apprenticeship representatives at the organizations listed below.

Mitzi Woods

Workforce Director
South Delta PDD
PO Box 1776
Greenville, MSĀ  38702
P: 662-335-6889
F: 662-378-3834

Cindy Goodin

Workforce Development Coordinator
South Delta Planning & Development District
PO Box 1776
1427 South Main Street, Suite 147
Greenville, MS 38702-1776
P: 662-537-2130

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