On Registered Apprenticeships: An Interview with Tyra Harrien

Tyra Harrien, MAP’s Administrative Assistant at the Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College (MGCCC), speaks on the importance, value, and benefits of her work. Harrien also gives useful tips to employees and employers that are looking to utilize the many advantages offered by registered apprenticeship (RA) programs. 

“I am the MAP administrative assistant so I do a lot of work behind the scenes.” Harrien says about her work, “I make sure that the classes and the materials for the apprentice are up and running and available.”

Harrien says that registered apprenticeships are “critical” to workforce development because they offer apprentices a way to learn “certified skills” while also earning a living wage. 

“Apprenticeships grow the economy by making American businesses more competitive,” Harrien says. “Having a registered apprenticeship program at your company, workers know in advance the blend of classroom instruction and on-the-job training. Several companies have documented that registered apprenticeships have helped them to increase recruitment, increase retention, and reduce their overall training costs.”

Harrien’s work with MAP and MGCCC  is to help promote registered apprenticeships across the Mississippi Gulf Coast, which can help improve the state’s economy. 

“The plan is to meet with more companies across the Gulf Coast and to help them understand that apprenticeship programs can help grow and flourish their company.” Harrien says, “Expanding apprenticeships in Mississippi can help address the economic challenges that Millennials face.”

To companies and employers looking to invest in registered apprenticeships, Harrien says the benefits of RAs include more skilled employees, reduced turnover costs, and increased employee retention.

Registered apprenticeship programs also offer a variety of benefits for employees. RAs are affordable and effective ways to explore a new career path, deepen your expertise, or sharpen your skill set.

To individuals looking to join a registered apprenticeship, Harrien had this to say: “If you are dedicated and want to better yourself just do it.” 

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