The Benefits of Hiring Qualified Veterans

Recently, our nation celebrated Independence Day, which highlighted the many sacrifices veterans have made in their duty to protect the nation. July also features National Hire A Veteran Day, which is a holiday celebrated on July 25th that is dedicated to supporting veterans who are seeking employment.

In celebration of our nation’s independence, and in recognition of National Hire A Veteran Day, we’ve dedicated this article to exploring the variety of ways employers can help support veterans who may be re-entering the everyday workforce, and what resources are available for veterans.

When searching for competent employees, employers can count on veterans to be proven leaders, innovators, and maximizers. Veterans’ time on the front lines, combined with their formal training, organization, and sense of duty makes them the perfect additions to any team.

Every year, approximately 200,000 men and women leave U.S. military service and return to life as civilians, a process known as the “military to civilian transition”. It’s important for employers to post their job listings in places veterans can find them, and also to describe “competency-based” characteristics in job descriptions, instead of specific years of experience. This will allow service members transitioning into the workforce a chance to apply.

Like other employees, veterans may be interested in learning new trades or starting on new career paths. In this case, registered apprenticeship programs (RA) are essential, as they provide a solid foundation for both employees and employers to build on when establishing work culture, job skills, and workplace competency.  

The Mississippi Apprenticeship Program offers a variety of resources for employers to use in starting a RA at their business. And veterans make for ideal apprentices, with higher retention and commitment to their positions and the keen ability to work under pressure.  

Aside from apprenticeship programs, many veteran job programs in Mississippi are administered by The Mississippi Department of Employment Security (MDES) and are in offices known as WIN Job Centers. WIN Job Centers are one of the best resources for Veterans seeking employment in the state, as these centers service veterans first, provide support for job outreach, and offer on-site employment services such as one-on-one resume writing, job preparation assistance, and workshops.

MDES also offers veteran-specific services which include job training, job education, and rehabilitation services. It’s important for employers and veterans to look into these resources and to stay informed on what opportunities are available.

To all the veterans – Thank You for Your Service!

For more information on online services for veterans, go to:

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