Registered Apprenticeship Success Story: School of Champions Development & Learning Academy

Apprenticeship program success stories help us promote the tremendous value that these programs bring to employers, employees, and job seekers. Keep reading below for the answers from a recent success story: a Teach Assistant Apprentice from our RA Partner School of Champion.

What is your name, title, and the organization for which you work?

Myesha Cole, Assistant Teacher, School of Champions Development & Learning Academy

Describe your organization’s apprenticeship program? Please include the value the program brings to apprentices and the community?

My program is a 2 yr program as a Childcare Development Specialist. The program is a support for working parents.

Describe your connection to the Registered Apprenticeship (RA) program? Please include why you believe RA is a critical workforce development solution.

I work with the program as a teacher asst, parents need a safe place to leave their child while they work.

What are some successes you’ve experienced with the apprenticeship program? If possible, please include specific examples of successes.

So far I have learned how to engage with the children and parents and working on my CDA credentials.

Why is apprenticeship important for people entering the workforce or looking for a new career opportunity?

You are able to have a hands-on experience before going the workforce in your career area.

What would you say about apprenticeship programs to other business leaders who are considering starting a program?

It’s a great experience and it helps with preparing you for success in the workforce.

What would you say to a student or job seeker who is thinking about pursuing an apprenticeship program?

I would so go for it. It’s a great opportunity to getting hands-on experience and getting paid as well.

How do you believe apprenticeship programs add to a vibrant workforce development culture in Mississippi? Please also share how you believe the RA program at your organization will contribute to creating a thriving local community?

It allows you to get the training skills before entering in the workforce. It gives parents a safe place for their child.

How do you or how are you planning to work with the Mississippi Apprenticeship Program?

After completing this program I plan to stay with School of Champions fulltime a Childcare Specialist.

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