Doing What it Takes

William Watson had not needed to use Mississippi Department of Employment Security (MDES) employment services for a while.  After the company he worked for closed its local location, he was out of a job and visited the Meridian WIN Job Center to get assistance with his search.  The Veteran Client visited our center on July 19, 2022. 

After completing the military attestation form and being deemed eligible for Disabled Veterans Outreach Program services by frontline staff, the DVOP, Lakisha Davis and customer sat down to discuss our approach.

Although he was willing to take any job, we agreed he deserved a position which would benefit from his skills and experience identified during his initial assessment.  Our first priority was to edit his resume to capture his years of military and civilian experience.

Mr. Watson served in the U.S. Navy from December 1981 through December 1983. His last position was Manager at Save-A-Lot Grocery which ended July 18, 2022. We took his military background and management experience in account and we created an Individual Employment Plan (IEP) to fit his financial needs as well as his responsibilities as a caregiver. His current barrier to employment was ex-offender, and we worked around his schedule as a caregiver for his ill mother. 

After completing his IEP, we reviewed his resume for the following:

  • Accuracy of information on resume which includes dates, locations, and job duties
  • Verify proper format is being used
  • Ensure targeted keywords were included for desired industries and specific job descriptions
  • Maximize space to keep resume to 2-page minimum

With a completed resume, Mr. Watson began his job search.  The DVOP, Ms. Davis, sent him emails with possible job leads as well as he visited the center to search.  He informed me he was going to Cash Savers (a local grocery store) to apply as well.  Upon arrival to the grocery store, with resume in hand, he asked to speak with the store manager.  Mr. Watson was hired on the spot on July 25, 2022. 

He was happy to inform me of his new employment, and during the monthly check-ins with the DVOP, he expressed how much he enjoys his newfound job.

As we can see from Mr. Watson, your resume is your business card when seeking employment. It’s important to identify the industry you are targeting, the jobs you want to apply for, and the desired salary. By doing what it takes, you can craft a resume that speaks to your skills and benefits to a company even before the interview.

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