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A dynamic independent pharmacy has opened at  6220 Old Canton Road. Dr. Andrew Clark is the pharmacist and owner of Northtown Pharmacy in the heart of bustling northeast Jackson. One of Northtown Pharmacy’s founding principles is offering the personal customer service and patient care that large chain pharmacies can’t provide. The pharmacy’s new partnership brokered by Brittany Morris of the Mississippi Apprenticeship Program (MAP),  has formed the perfect tandem to serve the community.

As the MAP Apprenticeship State Expansion Specialist, Morris recognized an opportunity to partner with Dr. Clark. The expansion specialist developed a plan to grow his business and provide opportunities for vocational training as a direct line to specialized employment that bolsters economic growth. She used a holistic approach to skillfully research pharmacies to assure the most strategic placement and curriculum for Northtown’s unique business needs. According to Clark, “Northtown Pharmacy was established to address patients’ issues that I had observed, that were well documented, and not addressed by the “Big Box” pharmacies.” With the assistance of apprentices from the RA program, Northtown will be uniquely positioned to reach this goal.

Morris and Clark thoughtfully assessed the hours and competencies/tasks dedicated to completing the program that best fit his store’s needs. Dr. Clark chose the Pharmacy Technician position, the pharmacy technician will help Dr. Clark prepare and dispense prescriptions. They will also engage customers in personable and meaningful ways that inspire customer loyalty.

The pharmacy is dedicated to serving families in the community. It offers flu shots, Covid-19 vaccinations, helps patients manage their medication therapy, synchronizes their medicines, and delivery services.  The store also has a gift shop with whimsical gift ideas and many local products.  

As part of the healthcare team, well-trained pharmacy techs are vital to patient care and wellness. Overall, Northown’s apprentice experience will include on-the-job training and related technical instruction. A pharmacy tech with enhanced skills from an intense curriculum and real-world experience will give Northtown Pharmacy sustainability and the tech a viable career with a secure income. According to Indeed, ZipRecruiter, and Upwards, a pharmacy technician can earn up to $17 an hour.

Dr. Clark weighed all these considerations when he decided to partner with MAP. Knowing that Brittany Morris took the time to research the pharmacy profession as well as the retail component of the dispensary, his confidence in the program grew immensely. “As a business owner, I am excited about partnering with MAP because of the vast amounts of resources that are readily made available to my business that will help enable us to secure quality individuals to train and employ.” 

For apprentices, the experience will be rigorous but rewarding. Morris explains that “Northtown’s Pharmacy Apprenticeship Program will be a one-year program for all Pharmacy Technicians Level I and II consisting of 2000 hours of on-the-job training and 144 hours of related classroom instruction. Once complete, students will be eligible to complete/pass the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board (PTCB). The apprentices will be able to build rapport and loyalty with Northtown Pharmacy, in return, the pharmacy will be able to have a skilled workforce and retention as these are beneficial factors of Registered Apprenticeship.”

Dr. Clark knows firsthand the importance of on-the-job training and a supervisor who recognizes talent. “As a young pharmacist, I became a pharmacist manager three months after graduating from pharmacy school. I had worked many hours as a pharmacy intern and knew the pharmacy systems and standard operating procedures. The pharmacy market supervisor was confident that I would do well as a manager.…

I managed a pharmacy in Vicksburg, MS, a pharmacy in West Jackson off Ellis Ave, and later moved to manage a “Big Box” pharmacy Clinton, MS.”

In addition to training a skilled worker and developing a path to economic security for the pharmacy’s apprentice, Dr. Clark wants his apprentice to soak in every bit of knowledge they can from him as an experienced pharmacist. He also wants them to cultivate a desire to serve. “To learn to appreciate the honor it is to serve others while helping to improve their health and quality of life.”   

Independent businesses are integral to the local tax base and Mississippi’s economy. As the owner of Northtown Pharmacy, Clark takes the responsibility of training his program participants very seriously.

Dr. Clark says, “I believe that there is no substitute for experience.  The opportunity to learn from someone that has come before you and is currently working in an occupation that you desire is an invaluable opportunity.” 

For opportunity seekers, a stable income and financial security are within reach through MAP’s RA program. The registered apprenticeship program is ideal for those considering a career change or increasing their chances for meaningful employment.     

Clark encourages any business interested in participating in the program to contact MAP. Don’t hesitate. The benefits to your business and the influence you can have on the future as a mentor are tremendous.

Specialist Morris shares his enthusiasm and says, “I wish Dr. Clark great success in implementing his registered apprenticeship program to enhance the quality care of Jackson, Mississippi. I hope students will build rapport and longevity in the pharmacy industry through their curriculum and training.”

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