National Apprenticeship Week 2018

Governor Phil Bryant issued a proclamation declaring November 12-16, 2018 Apprenticeship Week, officially including Mississippi among the many states, cities, and companies across the nation that support and encourage apprenticeship and the benefits of developing a highly-skilled workforce to meet the needs of employers in diverse and growing industries.

National Apprenticeship Week (NAW) is an annual, weeklong series of events spearheaded by the United States Department of Labor to raise awareness about the value of apprenticeship opportunities in the United States. Each year during the second week of November, leaders in education, business, labor, and government industries organize events across the country to share their knowledge about apprenticeship programs and emphasize the important role apprenticeship can play in the creation of a more competitive American workforce and economy.

Apprenticeships provide an opportunity for individuals to plot their own route into careers in advanced manufacturing, healthcare, information technology, and more while earning a wage and as much as tripling their future earning potential. Apprenticeships also allow businesses that require skilled workers with technical knowledge to chart their own path to a pipeline of employees who have been highly trained to fill the exact positions they need.

NAW is a celebration of these, and the numerous other benefits of apprenticeship, and since its inception in 2015, has gained immense popularity and earned the backing of innumerable political and industry leaders. What began as a series of small, informative events has transformed over time into more than 1,000 events attended by over one hundred thousand citizens across all fifty states.

Community and technical colleges and large and small businesses host open houses, organize employer forums, provide opportunities for new apprenticeship commitments, construct exhibitions, and set up other interactive and engaging events to showcase apprenticeship and educate the public.

At the Mississippi Apprenticeship Program, we are excited to participate in NAW this year, and beyond this week we are dedicated to supporting and expanding apprenticeship in our state to help businesses thrive and grow, provide Mississippians with pathways to bright careers, and bolster local economies that help Mississippi prosper.

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