MAP Supports Crews and Ferrell in Launching Their First RA Program

Brittany Crews with Crews, Ferrell, and Associates Inc., and Brittany Morris, Apprenticeship State Expansion Specialist at The Mississippi Apprenticeship Program (MAP), speak on their collaboration, and an exciting new apprenticeship opportunity.   

“Our partnership with MAP began in August of 2021,” Crews says. “ MAP has helped us develop our curriculum and standards for each craft that we hire and train. MAP has created opportunities not only for partnerships but also for developing coursework and building a solid foundation for our training program.” 

MAP also assisted with implementing and creating the new Registered Apprenticeship (RA) program, in a five-stage plan that included exploring work process training, reviewing technical instruction, and determining what occupations to employ in the program to ensure maximum employee preparedness and retention. Brittany Morris worked directly with Crews on this plan.

“It is important as a specialist to help the company develop their RA program by identifying the occupation and its skillset needed on the job site,” Morris says. “In a cohesive manner, MAP works with the company to seek their long-term goals of apprenticeship, determine the program’s payment structure and wage progression, and also determine how classroom and on-the-job training will be delivered based upon the model of apprenticeship.”

With MAP’s assistance, Crews was able to launch their RA program within a month’s time. Focused on building talent along the Gulf Coast, the program offers on-the-job training and classroom instruction to participants with job skills focused on providing labor to shipyards along the Gulf Coast along with construction and maintenance. The program is unique in that it provides support for non-traditional students such as individuals who were formerly incarcerated. 

“Our RA program provides on-the-job training plus classroom instruction utilizing NCCER’s curriculum,” Crews says. “We hire and train people from all backgrounds of life. To help reduce recidivism along the Gulf Coast, we focus many of our resources on hiring and training formerly incarcerated individuals. In partnership with nonprofits such as Planting Healing, we can assist our participants in receiving additional services such as mentoring, records sealing or expungement, and treatment for addiction.”

Participants can also earn income while completing their coursework, obtain college credit hours, or receive financial aid for related instruction if partnered with a community college. There are also resources available for participants in need of paid transportation or daycare.

“Related instruction can be offered through partnerships with community colleges such as MGCCC, which allows participants to apply for financial aid. The curriculum we use for our RA program can be transferred for 30 credit hours toward a Bachelor of Science (BS) in Professional Trades Administration at Capitol Technology University,” Crews says. 

“Participants can apply to our RA program with no experience or transfer a skill set or coursework toward earning their apprenticeship faster,” Crews continues.“Depending on the participant’s level of experience and progression in the program, pay ranges from $10-$19.85 per hour.”

The education, resources, and services provided by Crews’ RA program work to increase the number of skilled workers around the coast, while also providing long-term employment for apprentices. Crews hopes to continue to support participants deemed to be “at-risk” due to socioeconomic barriers and looks forward to creating more partnerships with nonprofits and organizations that can supply additional resources for this demographic. 
For more information about the program, visit or call (228) 222-4820. Interested in creating an apprenticeship program for your business? Visit our website to get started.

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