H&M Construction Apprentice Success Story: Carlos

As a participating company, H & M Construction is committed to providing apprentices with a supportive learning environment, hands-on training, and mentorship opportunities. By understanding the importance of investing in their workforce, they are dedicated to helping apprentices succeed in their chosen field.

Since signing the Employer Acceptance agreement with East Mississippi Community in January 2024, H & M Construction has enrolled four apprentices and one had agreed to share some of his story: Meet Carlos. Growing up in a small town, Carlos always had a passion for building things with his hands. However, without any formal training or education beyond high school, he struggled to find stable employment that aligned with his interests. That’s when he discovered a job posting of H & M Construction for registered apprentices as construction craft laborers.

Excited about the opportunity to learn while earning a living, Carlos eagerly applied for the position and under the guidance of experienced construction professionals, he embarked on a journey of skill development and career advancement. Since becoming an apprentice in January 2024, Carlos has gained hands-on experience in various aspects of construction, including site preparation and concrete work. He looks forward to learning masonry, framing, and finishing. He has also learned how to operate a wide range of tools and equipment safely and effectively, while also mastering essential techniques for maintaining a clean and organized work environment.

In addition to on-the-job training, Carlos has attended regular classes to supplement his practical experience with theoretical knowledge. These classes covered topics such as construction materials, safety protocols, and blueprint reading providing Carlos with a well-rounded education that will continue to prepare him for success in the field.

As he has settled into his work as a construction craft laborer apprentice, Carlos’s skills and confidence has become to grow. He has worked hard and his mentor and site supervisor has been pleased with his dedication, work ethic, and eagerness to learn, earning praise for his contributions to various construction projects.

Upon completing his apprenticeship, Carlos hope to emerge as a fully qualified construction craft laborer, armed with the skills, knowledge, and credentials needed to thrive in the industry. His goal is to continue to excel and advance his career with H & M Construction.

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