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Grants will support people from underrepresented communities in 45 states

WASHINGTON – The U.S. Department of Labor today announced the award of more than $65 million in grants to 45 states to increase their ability to serve, improve and strategically expand their Registered Apprenticeship programs and pre-apprenticeships leading to Registered Apprenticeships to enhance the National Apprenticeship system.

These awards include annual formula funding to 45 states and territories and additional funding to seven states committed to increasing sustainability and substantially increasing the number and diversity of Registered Apprentices in their states among in-demand industries.

“Registered Apprenticeship programs help remove barriers to economic opportunity faced by people from all communities by equipping them with industry-driven skills and by creating pathways to good jobs in high-growth, high-demand industries,” said Acting Assistant Secretary for Employment and Training Brent Parton. “Today’s announcement of more than $65 million in grants aligns with the Biden-Harris administration’s efforts to strengthen and expand Registered Apprenticeships.”

Administered by the department’s Employment and Training Administration, State Apprenticeship Expansion Formula grants annual fund initiatives in 45 states and territories — with additional competitive funding awarded to seven states — to increase sustainability, and to expand and diversify state Registered Apprenticeship programs in industries including advanced manufacturing, cybersecurity, infrastructure and clean energy, education and healthcare.

“State Apprenticeship Expansion Formula and competitive grants help create pathways and increase states’ Registered Apprenticeship programs for high-growth and high-demand industries,” Parton added.

State Apprenticeship Expansion Formula grants help states embed diversity, equity, job quality and sustainability into the National Apprenticeship system while creating opportunities for innovation, engagement and accessibility in state RA programs.

The department awarded the following State Apprenticeship Expansion Formula grants:

RecipientStateBase Formula FundingCompetitive FundingTotal
Alaska Department of Labor & Workforce DevelopmentAK$342,148N/A$342,148
State of ArkansasAR$532,250N/A$532,250
Arizona Department of Economic SecurityAZ$678,091N/A$678,091
Colorado Department of Labor & EmploymentCO$669,574N/A$669,574
District of Columbia Department of Employment ServicesDC$461,696N/A$461,696
Delaware Department of LaborDE$337,102N/A$337,102
Technical College System of GeorgiaGA$927,223N/A$927,223
Guam Department of AdministrationGU$265,656N/A$265,656
State of Hawaii Department of Labor & Industrial RelationsHI$485,001N/A$485,001
Idaho Department of LaborID$373,520N/A$373,520
Illinois Department of Commerce & Economic OpportunityIL$1,308,613N/A$1,308,613
Indiana Department of Workforce DevelopmentIN$964,478N/A$964,478
Iowa Workforce DevelopmentIA$669,827N/A$669,827
Kansas Department of CommerceKS$414,927$5,916,920$6,331,847
Kentucky Education & Workforce Development CabinetKY$555,901N/A$555,901
Maine Department of LaborME$334,938N/A$334,938
Maryland Governor’s Workforce Investment BoardMD$650,620$6,000,000$6,650,620
Massachusetts Office of Labor & Workforce DevelopmentMA$920,638N/A$920,638
State of MichiganMI$1,159,305N/A$1,159,305
State of MinnesotaMN$806,738N/A$806,738
Missouri Department of Economic DevelopmentMO$956,863N/A$956,863
Mississippi Department of Employment SecurityMS$455,647N/A$455,647
Montana Department of Labor & IndustryMT$354,783N/A$354,783
Community College System of New HampshireNH$382,783$2,909,779$3,292,562
New Jersey Department of Labor & Workforce DevelopmentNJ$853,027N/A$853,027
New Mexico Department of Workforce SolutionsNM$388,652N/A$388,652
State of Nevada Department of Business and IndustryNV$510,539N/A$510,539
New York State Department of LaborNY$1,517,536$6,000,000$7,517,536
North Carolina Community College SystemNC$918,315N/A$918,315
North Dakota Department of Public InstructionND$311,338$3,720,000$4,031,338
Ohio Department of Job & Family ServicesOH$1,317,791N/A$1,317,791
Pennsylvania Department of Labor & IndustryPA$1,243,585N/A$1,243,585
Puerto Rico Department of Economic Development & CommercePR$357,623N/A$357,623
Rhode Island Department of Labor & TrainingRI$353,679N/A$353,679
South Carolina Board for Technical & Comprehensive EducationSC$641,423N/A$641,423
South Dakota Department of Labor & RegulationSD$308,653N/A$308,653
Tennessee Department of Labor & Workforce DevelopmentTN$746,158N/A$746,158
Texas Workforce CommissionTX$2,196,000N/A$2,196,000
Utah Department of Workforce ServicesUT$478,568$5,353,088$5,831,656
Virginia Department of Labor and IndustryVA$927,372N/A$927,372
Vermont Department of LaborVT$304,977N/A$304,977
Washington State Department of Labor & IndustriesWA$1,005,448$4,656,656$5,662,104
West Virginia Department of Economic DevelopmentWV$465,113N/A$465,113
Wisconsin Department of Workforce DevelopmentWI$806,379N/A$806,379
Wyoming Department of Workforce ServicesWY$283,754N/A$283,754
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